1. Animals in Literature: Is The Big Bad Wolf Bad Everywhere?



    • To compile a collection of literature containing animal characters.
    • To locate, compare, and contrast different types of animal characters and their personality traits. This includes identifying the culture of origin and noting whether these characteristics are unique or shared among cultures around the globe.


    Are the personality traits and actions assigned to animal characters in literature generally unique to the culture of the author or region of origin?

    Оборудование и материалы

    A book(s) of stories containing animal characters.


    The more stories we read and report on, the more interesting and rich our comparative materials will be.

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. Select a book or short story with an animal character. This book or folk tale should tell you the story’s country, region or culture of origin. You may find this information in the title of the book, the preface, or the summary. You can also find folk tales on the Internet; choose your Internet resources carefully, however, as information found on the Internet may contain mistakes or misleading information.
    2. Select and read a story to present in this project. You can investigate more than one story, just remember to submit a separate Report Form for each.
    3. Record the bibliographic information for your story source (i.e., title, author, year of publication, editor(s), publisher, etc.). For information on the Internet, record the website URL. Also, record the date the website was last updated (this information is typically found on the bottom of the webpage).
    4. Complete and submit the Report Form. Please submit one Report Form per animal character (if your book or folktale has more than one animal character, you may choose to submit multiple Report Forms for that one book).
    5. Read the stories sent by other project participants. Compare the tales from various cultures. Take part in discussions and the project blog.
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