1. Essential oils for students



    The aim of the project is to gather information about the most commonly used essential oils and how to use them in certain cases


    Based on practice, it is possible to develop a program of aromatherapy, which will help students maintain emotional and physical health. It will also help to focus attention, improve memory and achieve good results in learning.

    Оборудование и материалы

    1. devices for aromatherapy

    2. reference materials for aromatherapy

    3. essential oils

    Зачем в исследовании нужны материалы других участников

    GlobalLab platform will allow to collect the maximum amount of information for research and development of aromatherapy plan for students

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. choose an essential oil

    2. study its properties

    3. tell about its use

    Техника безопасности

    Essential oils can cause allergies, be careful.

    Be careful with the use of fire.

    • Проект опубликован:20 февраля 2019 г.
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