1. Money, Money...

    Этот проект является платным.



    To collect information on banknotes/coins of some country.


    Together we will be able to collect information about the currency of different countries and expand our knowledge on their history.

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. Choose any country you want.
    2. Find out information about its currency (banknotes and coins of different denominations).
    3. Choose a banknote or a coin you would like to study most of all.
    4. Find out information about the illustration on the back side of the banknote/coin.
    5. Find out information about the illustration on the front side of the banknote/coin.
    6. Find out and give more details about the banknote/coin you would like to present.
    7. Save their pictures (front and back sides).
    8. Analyse your work on the project. Write your answers and recommendations.
    9. Fill in the report form.

    Техника безопасности

    The project is safe.

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