1. My favourite animal/pet.



    1. To represent brief information about your favourite animal.
    2. To find out the preferences in its eating habits and places of living.
    3. To collect the information about animals from all over the World.

    Оборудование и материалы




    To get more information about different animals with the help of other participants.

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. Represent brief information about your favourite animal.
    2. Name the reasons why you love your favorite animal.
    3. Download photos of your favourite animal. It's better to have your own photos.
    4. Answer the questions in the questionnaire.

    Техника безопасности

    Be careful with wild animals.

    Заполнить анкету Перед заполнением анкеты обязательно прочтите протокол исследования