1. The coolest spot in your city.



    The aim of the project is to creat a colourful collage of the most marvellous spots around the world.


    Every person has a special place in his city where he loves to come and have fun with his friends or to stay alone for a while and to think about his life.

    Оборудование и материалы

    An online dictionary, a camera or a mobile phone with a camera.


    It will be fantastic if we can show how many amazing places there are in the world!

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. Where do you live? Mark your city on the map.
    2. What is your coolest spot? Write its name.
    3. Mark the spot on the map of your city where this place or building is situated. (Постарайся увеличить карту настолько максимально, чтобы можно было найти этот объект или здание и поставить на него маркер).
    4. Where is it situated? (city, street, other information). Write 2-3 sentences. 
    5. Why do you like this spot? Write 3 sentences.
    6. What can you do there? Write 2-3 sentences.
    7. How do you feel there? Write 2 sentences.
    8. Provide 3 photos of the place. Don't forget to take a picture of yourself in that place! 

    Техника безопасности

    Be careful while taking pictures in the streets!

    Заполнить анкету Перед заполнением анкеты обязательно прочтите протокол исследования