1. You are what you eat

    Этот проект является платным.



    1. To collect information to talk or write an essay, an article, a personal letter about the food we eat.
    2. To find information about the country's traditional dishes and write how they are cooked.
    3. To find sayings and idioms about food and illustrate them.

    Оборудование и материалы

    А Student's book (e.g: Spotlight 8, Module 2 "Food and shopping"; Spotlight 7, Module 9 " Shopping time")


    Together we can collect more information that will help us to write and give a talk on the topic.

    Протокол проведения исследования

    1. Study different kinds of food and drinks.
    2. Analyse your daily menu and deсide if it is healthy or not.
    3. Collect different idioms and sayings about food.
    4. Learn how to write a recipe (ingredients; ways of cooking).
    5. Choose a traditional Russian or family dish and write its recipe.
    6. Use your notes to fill in the report form.

    Техника безопасности

    The project is safe.

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